Sunday, 16 January 2011

American values

really i can't think in any thing except tunisian revolution these times but it can share some thing in this subject about american values due to most arab think of america as assistant member of the arab systems . but , what about american people ? what are their values ? and from where i get my ideas about them ? and how i get my ideas about them ?!
in past i used to think in american as those people who live free life , love money , love work ,less care of family :) most of these ideas come to my mind from watching american movies and the rest from politicians behavior :( and it seems now it was a wrong image because it depend on very far ideas , not touching !
as amember in elrc , it was abig opportunity to meet american people and try to understand how are they thinking ... it makes me see them as ahuman , not those who acting in movies or political cases ! and the most important thing i realise it is they are intersted in most things which we intersted it , but ! in different way !
if we just understand that ! we all are humans , created from one soul . no one born better than others ! if we stopt judge books from its covers , if we stopped thinking in steretypes ! if we treat with each other according to human's values , i think every thing will doing well.