Wednesday, 22 December 2010


The English language resource center ( ELRC ) is the english center opened in Al- azhar uniersity in Cairo to teach english for assistant staff members who haven't copmlate their doctorate yet . it is some kind of coopration between Al-azhar university and american empassy in Cairo . it is opened since 4 years now . and as amember of the center for my 2nd year it was very good opportunity for me to learn new kinds of teaching and meeting success people from different places .
at the beganing of open the center , there was a report in Al- ahram weekely which hae some people talked about the center as apart of conspiracy theories ! it wasn't surprise me ! we as a Egtption fond of talking about conspiracy theories ! that's make us Look at everything that comes from the West this image . iam n't going to deny the idea complately but pot in your mind this question : what is the wrong of having good education from appropriate teachers - what ever the place which they come from - to adult people ?
i think the answer will be ( no problems ) specially with the idea which mentioned in the prophet's (saw) says: Wisdom is the goal of the believer wherever he found it .
ok ! can you add to your mind anew idea ! which is most american people hates wars and want to make anew relationship whith others ! i notice it from the people who i met him at the center .
i think thats our chance now to make mutual understanding between Islam and west and that is our responsibility for ourseles and our children .